Community Living Service

Offering the freedom to conduct daily life with the personalized assistance necessary to live safely.

Living with us means independence and control of decisions from shopping to activities. We believe in independence with the right support, and our staff strives to implement our philosophy at every residence.

Our staff personalizes the support each resident receives at our facilities. From bathing assistance to medication assistance and reminders, we deliver services that are difficult to find outside of a typical facility.

Every resident has a private bedroom and shared communal space. We feel this helps create a community within our small facilities so that our residents don’t become isolated as many do in care facilities.

Often, it’s a small number of activities of daily living that start people on the road to assisted care. However, people in this situation can still live independently and control their lives years, whereas a traditional care facility limits full independence.

Life Connections is different. Our staff completely believes each of our residents can live full, independent lives with the right level of support. This belief shows in how our staff supports our residents every day.

Community Support Services

With services offered from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Thursday, we help individuals access the community.

Our team is specially trained to assist those in our care, from safe transportation to help keep up with necessary medical appointments. We provide a safe experience from door to door so that our clients can focus on where they’re going.

Our staff members actively work to ensure every trip into the community is a positive experience. Staff members also endeavor to assist without limiting independence.

Everyone should be able to access our community, whether for medical appointments or activities they would like to do. Life Connections staff ensures all participants have the access they need.

Medical appointments, fun activities, community gatherings, and more are all part of a healthy life at any age. However, planning to attend and getting to them can pose a challenge for many residents of our town.

Life Connections staff provide a vital link to the community and everything it offers. Our staff help with all kinds of community access, from medical to errands to activities like movies. We feel that everyone should be connected and endeavor to work with our clients to create those connections.

Adult Day Services

From activities of daily living to medical appointments to daily engagement, adult day services help everyone live better.

Adult day services are tailored to meet the needs of each client day to day while allowing for as much independence as possible. Additionally, the schedules are flexible to allow for appointments and other activities.

Our adult day services tend to focus on the comfort of our clients and providing a welcoming environment. Adult day services are also highly tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs and goals.

Professional staff members provide all services with extensive training in helping adults live as independently as possible. Our professionalism allows us to deliver high-quality services throughout the day.

Our team helps our clients meet their goals through personalization. To do this properly, we evaluate the individual goals for each client and provide guidance on how to achieve them without creating additional stress.

Our adult day services all focus on engaging our clients in daily life, whether it’s their daily living activities, doctor’s appointments, or activities in the community or within our facilities. We find these services help our clients maintain as much independence as possible.

Adult day services offer a variety of activities in the structured environment of our facility. We work with our clients interested in maintaining their independence to personalize services for every day, maximizing the benefits.

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